Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics

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Warehouse logistics

We provide warehousing services. We offer goods storage services in Novorossiysk, throughout Russia, and abroad.

We provide cargo storage services
The cargo storage service offers the opportunity of temporary storage of goods, bulk goods, and containers at specially equipped sites or warehouse spaces. UTEC provides this service, ensuring the preservation and safety of goods, monitoring their storage conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.)


Cargo storage can be both long-term and short-term, depending on client’s needs. This service is especially in demand in the fields of trade, manufacturing, and logistics, where the continuity of supplies needs to be ensured.

We handle transshipments of any type of cargo, of any size and weight. For the transshipment of oversized cargo, specialized equipment and specialists with extensive experience in this field are used. Our company ensures the preservation and safety of cargo, overseeing the entire process of transshipment and their storage conditions.

Transloading of goods containing hazardous substances involves the repackaging and transport of such materials while adherely strictly to safety guidelines. Specialists perform thorough inspections and repackaging of hazardous cargo, minimizing risks and ensuring safety during transportation.


This can include selecting specialized packaging materials, labeling, and complying with all regulations for the transport of dangerous goods. The company UTEK has the license and expertise to perform such tasks, ensuring the safety of staff and the environment.
Transloading of goods requiring a temperature regime involves the transportation of items that require strictly regulated temperature conditions during transit. This can include food products, medical preparations, chemical substances, and other goods sensitive to temperature changes.


Professionals in transloading goods requiring a temperature regime utilize specialized equipment such as refrigerated containers or heating and cooling devices to maintain stable conditions during transport. This ensures the preservation and quality of goods, as well as compliance with safety and regulation requirements in this industry.
Auxiliary services include:
  • Palletizing: Placing goods on pallets for ease of storage and transportation. This enhances the efficiency of loading and unloading cargo.
  • Packaging: Packaging goods in accordance with the client’s requirements or safety standards, ensuring protection and preservation of goods during transport.
  • Repackaging: Repacking goods in order to change the packaging, update labeling, or ensure compliance with quality and safety standards.
  • Stretch Wrapping: Securing goods on pallets or within packaging using stretch film to protect from damage and ensure stability during transport.
  • Weighing: Determination of cargo weight for accurate calculation of transportation cost and observance of load-bearing norms.
  • Sticker Labeling: Applying special labels or tags on product packaging for identification, tracking, or providing additional information about the product.
  • Marking: Applying special marks or indications on goods to indicate content, manufacturing date, expiration date, or other important information.

These services help ensure efficient and safe transport of goods, as well as satisfy customer needs in accordance with their requirements and quality standards.

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