Sea transportation

Sea transportation

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Sea transportation

We carry out sea transportation in any direction with the development of an optimal route and provide cargo forwarding in the port of Novorossiysk. The transportation of various cargoes in containers by sea is considered the most advantageous method of transportation due to a variety of factors. A big plus is also the relatively low cost and versatility of the transported goods.

Sea freight to any port in the world
Sea freight is an essential part of world trade, facilitating the movement of a huge amount of goods among various countries and continents. Sea transportation has undeniable advantages, such as large cargo capacity, relatively low transportation cost per unit of freight, ability to deliver oversized and petroleum products, as well as the capability to serve numerous ports around the world.


One of the key elements in sea freight is sea ports. The port in the city of Novorossiysk is the largest point in Russia, equipped to receive, unload and load ships.


Innovations in technology, automation, and supply chain management are constantly reshaping this industry, making sea transportation more efficient and sustainable. At the same time, the drive to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency also shapes trends in the development of sea transportation.
Designing an efficient cargo route is a crucial link in the logistics chain aimed at optimizing the movement of goods from the source to the destination point. This service includes professional planning and analysis designed to determine the most optimal and economically advantageous route for cargo delivery.


Effective planning of the cargo route plays a key role in modern logistics, ensuring cost optimization, improving service, and increasing the competitiveness of companies in the market.
  1. Defining the cargo characteristics: First, it is necessary to define the characteristics of the cargo, such as its weight, volume, shape, and special requirements for transportation (for example, temperature requirements, humidity, etc.).
  2. Choosing the type of container: Based on the cargo characteristics, the most suitable type of container is determined. This can be a standard container, a refrigerated container for transporting products, a compartmentalized container for segregating cargoes, etc.
  3. Capacity calculations: After the type of container is chosen, calculations are made to ensure that the container has sufficient capacity for all the cargoes that need to be shipped.
  4. Accounting for safety and cargo requirements: It is also important to consider safety requirements and any special conditions that the cargo may require, such as the need to use a reinforced structure container or a container with a ventilation system.
  5. Selecting containers for the dispatch location: Containers which are available at the required dispatch location are selected. This may include checking the availability of containers with local transporters or container lessees.
  6. Reserving containers: After choosing suitable containers, they are reserved for transporting the cargo. This includes the preparation of necessary documents and agreements with the carriers.
  7. Monitoring and tracking: After the cargo is dispatched, it is monitored and tracked using specialized systems to ensure its safety and integrity.

Survey-quality control of the cargo is the procedure of checking and assessing the condition of the cargo before dispatch or after receipt. It includes visual inspection, the use of measuring instruments, checking of documentation, recording of results, and making appropriate decisions.

Delivery of cargoes by sea from the port of Novorossiysk is an efficient way of delivering goods all over the world.


The port in Novorossiysk, located on the Black Sea, is a major transport hub, providing sea transport to various regions.


Cargoes can be shipped in containers or in refrigerated containers, depending on the type of goods and their transport requirements. As a key port of Russia, Novorossiysk has a developed infrastructure and extensive capabilities for cargo operations, ensuring reliable and efficient delivery of cargoes to any point in the world.
The process of obtaining all necessary certification for the delivery of cargoes by sea from the port of Novorossiysk involves the acquisition of various documents and certificates in accordance with the requirements of international and national regulations.


This can include quality and safety certificates for the goods, packaging and labelling standard compliance certificates, as well as export/import permits.


The certification process is conducted with consideration of the specifics of the cargo and the requirements of the destination country. Competent port services and freight forwarders provide support in this process, ensuring compliance with all necessary norms and standards for safe and legal cargo transportation.

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