Forwarding in the port of Novorossiysk

Forwarding in the port of Novorossiysk

Экспедирование в порту Новороссийск

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Forwarding in the port of Novorossiysk

Freight forwarding in the port of Novorossiysk is a set of actions for organizing and managing cargo transportation through this port.


This includes the preparation of documentation, the organization of loading and unloading operations, coordination between participants in the logistics chain, monitoring the movement of goods, and ensuring their safety and integrity. Freight forwarders and port services provide efficient and timely execution of all stages of the process.
We participate and when necessary, organize the conduct of customs operations with goods: inspections, examinations, weighings.
UTEK Company provides a full range of services for customs clearance of goods, assuring clients of reliability and timeliness at each stage. We actively participate in the customs control process, ensuring the conduct of all necessary operations such as inspections, examinations, and weighings.


For us, it is important to provide maximum transparency and compliance with all requirements of customs legislation. Our experienced staff knows all the nuances and requirements associated with carrying out customs operations, allowing us to effectively solve emerging tasks.


We carry out quality control and safety of every procedure to guarantee that all goods pass through customs procedures without disruptions and delays. Thanks to our efforts and expertise, clients can be confident in the safe and timely delivery of their cargo.
We provide our clients with maximum transparency in the process of passing through customs control, actively assisting in accelerating the process of scanning cargo containers using modern systems such as Inspection Scanning Complexes (ISCs).


Each container scanning stage is accompanied by thorough control and observation. Our team monitors the scanning process, ensuring accurate execution of procedures, and timely feedback to the client. We guarantee that the client receives detailed information about the scanning process and its results, as well as any detected anomalies or issues.
Photo control of inspections is an important procedure that provides an additional level of safety and control when conducting cargo inspections. Pictures are taken during the inspection process using specialized equipment such as video cameras or cameras.


Photo control allows you to document each stage of the inspection, providing transparency and reliability of the process. It also serves as important evidence in case of the need for incident investigations or conflict situations.


Thanks to photo control, regulatory authorities and security services can effectively monitor and control the flow of goods, reducing the risk of illegal activities and ensuring safety
Services for restoring packaging and securing cargo after conducting preliminary and customs inspections. UTEK guarantees that the cargo will be packed and secured in the container according to high safety and transportation standards.


We develop individual strategies for each cargo, taking into account its characteristics and requirements. This may include replacing damaged packaging, reinforcing cargo with additional fasteners, or using specialized materials for safe transportation.


Our goal is to ensure that the cargo reaches its destination intact and safe.
Services for re-packing cargo from universal sea containers to other types of transport, including rail and road.


We organize and control the entire process, ensuring efficient and safe transportation of cargo.


Our specialists develop optimal re-packing plans, taking into account the characteristics of the cargo, the requirements of the vehicle and the route. We ensure the correct placement of the cargo in the new container or on the platform, guaranteeing its stability and safety during transportation.


In addition, we control the re-packing process, monitoring each stage and ensuring compliance with all necessary standards and rules. Our goal is to provide clients with reliable and efficient transportation of goods on various types of transport, minimizing risks and ensuring a high level of service.

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