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A wide range of export services, ensuring reliable and efficient delivery of goods abroad: comprehensive solutions, starting from the preparation of necessary documents and ending with delivery to the final destination.

We closely monitor each stage of the process, ensuring compliance with all customs and logistical requirements, and offer flexible solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Collection of empty equipment from container lines and delivery to the client's warehouse.

We organize prompt collection of cargo from the point of departure and its delivery to the specified warehouse, ensuring the safety and integrity of the goods. We track every stage of the process to ensure timely and secure delivery.

Flexible solutions and individual approach are always available for our clients to qualitatively fulfill all transportation requests.

We carry out transshipment of any type, size, and tonnage of cargo. Specialized equipment and experienced specialists are used for transshipment of oversized cargo. Our company ensures the safety and security of goods, controlling the entire transshipment process and the conditions of their storage.

We handle all documentary procedures for exporting goods abroad. This includes processing the loading order.

The loading order is a document issued by the forwarder or liner agent who manages the process of loading cargo onto a vessel, container, or other mode of transport. The loading order may also include special instructions or requirements for handling and protecting the cargo during loading, as well as information about the time and place of loading.

This document serves as an important tool for managing and controlling the loading process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in logistics operations.

Providing loading documents is the process of issuing the necessary documentation to the client, confirming the correct loading and placement of the cargo onto the transportation vehicle.

These documents include the loading order, cargo specifications, loading and safety instructions. Providing such documentation ensures transparency and correctness in the execution of logistics operations, and serves as an important tool for controlling and managing the cargo transportation process.

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