Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance

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Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance is a service that provides protection and compensation for losses in case of damage, loss, or theft of cargo during transportation.

YUTEK offers various types of insurance, including full and partial coverage of risks, as well as additional options such as insurance against additional risks or temporary losses.

The goal of cargo insurance is to provide our clients with peace of mind and confidence that their cargo is protected and compensated in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Low cargo insurance rates for clients

We provide reliable risk coverage at reasonable prices. Our goal is to make insurance accessible to everyone, minimizing clients' expenses while maintaining a high level of protection and service.

Insurance Agent

In the YUTEK team, we have our own insurance agent who works directly with insurance companies, providing our clients with the necessary insurance protection. This ensures more efficient service as well as greater control over insurance matters and financial risks

Consultations on insuring specific groups of goods

Our agent will help you understand the specifics of insuring specific goods, assess risks and potential threats, and offer optimal solutions for their protection. They will select suitable insurance programs considering your needs and budget, explain insurance terms, and arrange necessary policies.

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